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Why do some people still think that there is no other life out there other than us? Can we be mistaken a vastly more advanced race of alien beings for our creation? Does God exist? Can anyone identify her. Within this paper, I will explain why my faith is eternal and no matter how much evidence there is against the existence of God, my conviction that there is a supreme being who oversees all that goes on in this world, will continue to avail. The question of the existence of God has troubled mankind for thousands of years. Many philosophers and theologians have always searched for prove whether God exists.

Many of them constructed valid arguments which support theist believes. The existence of God was once never denied, as His presence, His existence was evident in miracles and the people 's faith. But time and the advancement of modern science have called God and His very nature into question. The Perfect Being has become the source.

In other words, God is all-powerful, all knowing, and runs the universe, but the mere claim, to prove Gods existence, seems to invite ridicule. Although a person may not be able to physically see God, reason to believe in His existence still exists. It may even be seen as a leap of faith to believe that God exists without being able to physically see Him, yet it is a necessary jump to make. Having a higher. McCloskey There are many different types of arguments for the existence of God. With each argument there is a conception presented of God.

For each argument there are different approaches. I will be focusing on the Cosmological and Teleological Arguments. Teleological Arguments are known to be arguments from divine, arguing from order in the universe to the existence of God 1. With the ordering of the universe, created by an intelligent being, they hold that it.

Thomas Aquinas is one of the philosophers who supported the existence of God. I belong. HJ McCloskey in wrote a paper that tried to argue against different Christian philosophy theories.

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He tried to argue against the existence of God, specifically in the Cosmological Argument and Teleological arguments. He also tries to use the existence of evil as an argument against the existence a God. His arguments ultimately show a lack of understanding. A lack of understanding of these basic christian arguments and basic Christian theology.

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The issue at the very beginning of this article. He created many books and articles in his lifetime about God and things with the catholic religion, but, his more famous book Summa Thelogia gave five arguments that God exists in Articles II and III they are explained in detail. Below is my understanding of what he was saying the works of two other man that had. The arguments attempt to prove God's existence from the meaning of the word God. The ontological argument was introduced by Anselm of Canterbury in his book Proslogion.

Anselm's classical argument was based on two principals and the two most involved in this is St Anselm of Canterbury as previously mentioned and Rene Descartes. The ontological argument argues that. If God exists, we probably have to make him accountable. The universe would probably have a meaning and a purpose. Also, our very existence may not be cease after physical death. But if God does not exist, we are probably here by chance and we have no accountability to any transcendent. This life is probably all we have, so we should live as we please.


The question arises - "Does God exist? Critics have questioned, however, whether existence actually contributes. He argues. Anselm argues, in effect, that the existence of God is built into the very concept of God. He proceeds by a form of argument. The question of the existence of a higher power, or a god, has long plagued philosophers. Today, much of the intellectual community believe that a god does not, and cannot exist.

McCloskey begins by. The two main arguments used today are the ontological argument and the cosmological argument. Neither one of these arguments are correct nor incorrect; moreover, the argument of God is extremely. This most usually occurring between members of the religious society and, everybody else. As a matter of fact the religious world itself has not always been able to agree on God. This has resulted in many a holy man to take up the fight for his deity through the realm of words.

Many theories have been proposed, and all think that theirs proves beyond a doubt on whether. The Design Argument for the Existence of God While theology may take God's existence as absolutely necessary on the basis of authority, faith, or discovery, many philosophers have thought it possible to demonstrate by reason that there must be a God.

The teleological argument, also known as the argument from design quite simply states that a designer must exist since the universe and living things display elements of design in their order, consistency, unity and pattern. The Existence of God In this essay I am going to explore and analyse arguments concerning the existence of God.

1. The Field and its Significance

I will be investigating all the different beliefs about God from Christians including: 'Moral and Divine Command', 'Ontological', 'Cosmological' and the argument from design. These areas of belief will all be fully considered and analysed in depth. After doing this, I will therefore come to a conclusion of my own sort and explain my own beliefs and there.

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There are many things that Descartes talks about in this meditation. He already believes that God exists but he is mainly trying to dispute the reasons why God might not exist or how God may be a deceiver. The definition of God to Descartes can be summed up as the ultimate perfect being that is infinite.

Throughout the course of this essay we shall examine two of the major philosophical arguments for the existence of God. The arguments that we are going to focus on shall be the Design argument and the Ontological argument. We shall compare, evaluate and discuss both the Design or teleological argument for the existence of God and the Ontological Argument for the existence of God, as well as highlighting philosophical criticisms. He determines that the only way to prove anything outside of his mind is to prove the existence of his idea of God.

The first being his use of the causal principle on which the rest of his argument. Susana Stewart Instructor: Dr.

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If I am honest with myself, during many hard times I have questioned Gods existence myself. Arguments that have been used to support the existence of a divine being includes; the cosmological argument and the theological argument. However, there are some who oppose these arguments and philosopher. Summa Theologica, by Thomas Aquinas We cannot prove that God exists, merely by considering the word God, for that strategy work, we would have to presume to know God 's essence.

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According to Aquinas, the existence of God can be proved. This paper will discuss what each of the five ways are that Thomas Aquinas introduced to show the existence of God. The Argument from Change: To begin with, one way to prove that God exists is to contemplate the fact that natural things are in motion.

This question has been in debate for centuries with many opposing views, some arising from philosophers on the same side while others refute Gods existence altogether.