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People with personality disorders are drawn to power and are ruthless in their pursuit of it. How we can ensure that the majority don't suffer at their hands? By Dean A. Haycock Ph. A good indication of how much we still have to learn about the nature of psychopathy is the confusion that surrounds the labels people apply to the condition.

By Jean Kim M. Narcissistic personality disorder's wide clinical variability may reflect three major subtypes that help people understand its complex presentation and prognosis.

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By Joni E Johnston Psy. Being diagnosed as a psychopath can only happen once someone is How should we handle teenagers who look and act like their grown-up counterparts?

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Everyone needs connection, but not everyone can fulfill that need. A new study of borderline personality patients shows what contributes to their isolation.

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By Scott A. Bonn Ph. He falls into fits of passion and will listen to no advice.

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Relationships can present a challenge for people with personality disorders. New research on attachment styles and conflict resolution provides insights into these challenges. By Joseph Burgo Ph. Christopher Lasch long ago identified a pervasive "culture of narcissism.

By Samoon Ahmad M. A new study strengthens the link between microbiota and mental health. By Julia Shaw Ph. We have gone to great lengths to both mystify and monsterize psychopaths. It's time to dispel these six common misconceptions. For example, individuals may idealize or experience intense feelings for another person immediately after meeting them and then switch to devaluing them.

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It is not uncommon for people with borderline personality disorder to experience intense fluctuations in mood i. Those with borderline personality disorder may be friendly one day and hostile the next. The combination of these symptoms causes significant impairment in establishing and maintaining personal relationships. Individuals with this disorder will often go to great lengths to avoid real or imagined abandonment.

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Fears related to abandonment can lead to inappropriate anger as they often interpret the abandonment as a reflection of their own behaviors. In efforts to prevent abandonment, individuals with borderline personality disorder will often engage in impulsive behaviors such as self-harm and suicidal behaviors.

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In fact, individuals with borderline personality disorder engage in more suicidal attempts and completion of suicide is higher among these individuals than the general public Linehan et al. Borderline personality disorder, one of the more commonly diagnosed personality disorders, is observed in 1. This high percentage of inpatient treatment is likely related to the high incidence of suicidal and self-harm behaviors.

Personality disorders and Axis I comorbidity in adolescent outpatients with ADHD

There are four main goals of DBT: reduce suicidal behavior, reduce therapy interfering behavior, improve quality of life, and reduce post-traumatic stress symptoms. Within DBT, there are five main treatment components that together help reduce harmful behaviors i.

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Within this component, the clinician will only intervene when absolutely necessary. Due to the high demands of clients with borderline personality disorder, the consultation team provides support to the providers in their work to ensure they remain motivated and competent in DBT principles in an effort to provide the best treatment possible. More specifically, DBT has shown to significantly reduce suicidality and self-harm behaviors in those with borderline personality disorders.

It also reduces anger and hospitalizations as well as improves emotional regulation and interpersonal functioning. Additionally, the drop-out rates for treatment are extremely low, suggesting that clients value the treatment components and find them effective in managing symptoms. Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by a persistent and excessive need for attention from others. These behaviors are initially very charming to their audience; however, they begin to wear due to the constant need for attention to be on them.

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If their theatrical nature does not gain the attention they desire, individuals with histrionic personality disorder may go to great lengths to gain that attention such as make-up a story or create a dramatic scene APA, Similarly, they often dress and engage in sexually seductive or provocative ways. These sexually charged behaviors are not only directed at those with whom they have a sexual or romantic interest but to the general public as well APA, They often spend significant amounts of time on their physical appearance to gain the attention they desire.

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder are easily suggestible. Essentials of Psychiatry. Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure.

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