Logic Colloquium ’99: Lecture Notes In Logic, 17

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Das Oberseminar findet in der Regel dienstags um 18 Uhr c.


Sommersemester 7. Stephen Read St. Gabriele Pulcini Lissabon : From complementary logic to proof-theoretic semantics On a result by Grigori E. Mints Pierre Wagner Paris : Normativity, pluralism, and logical commitment Paolo Pistone Roma 3 : Proof-nets, permutations and the meaning of second order quantification Carlo Nicolai Utrecht : Substructural approaches to paradox and the logic of semantic groundedness Reinhard Kahle Lissabon : Hilberts Problem 7. Reinhard Kahle Lissabon : Hilberts umfassendes Programm 2.

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Ernst Zimmermann: Challenging Verificationism and Pragmatism 5. General Proof Theory Elia Zardini Lissabon : Against the world 9.

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Vlasta Sikimic Belgrad : Structurally enriched sequent systems Ivo Pezlar Brno : Problems and solutions in the framework of procedural semantics Ernst Zimmermann: Finite satisfiability complete tableaux 7. Thomas Seiller Savoie : Geometry of Interaction Edward Hermann Haeusler Rio de Janeiro : On computational complexity of propositional logics and the sub-formula principle 6.

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    BÉRARD Béatrice

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    follow site Cambridge Phil. Gray "Kernels and cohomology groups for some finite covers", In Logic Colloquium '96, eds.

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    Larrazabal, D. Lascar, G. Droste and R.

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    • Goebel, Gordon and Breach , Lascar "The automorphism group of the complex numbers is complete", in [25], Bryant "The small index property for free groups of countable rank", J.