Transition and Liberation: Explanations of Meditation in the Bardo

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Helping the Dead

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Books will not be sold at the event. Tergar Madison Home. Loading Map This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies to improve and personalize our services and for social activity. Read our updated privacy policy for more about what we do with your data, as well as your rights and choices — including how to manage cookies. When you come out of the clear light, you take another bardo body. The following description might help you to understand how this works.

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When a person dies, their gross consciousnesses dissolve into a subtle consciousness which then dissolves into an extremely subtle consciousness, which is the clear light. This extremely subtle consciousness has a very subtle energy with it. They again, first dissolve into the subtlest mind and the subtlest wind or energy, and this subtlest mind and energy then joins with the sperm and egg.

Once they join with the sperm and egg, they start becoming grosser and you get subtle minds and then you get gross minds.

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You can see a little bit how rebirth works. The subtle mind is changing every moment in the bardo. The subtle energy is also changing every moment. They continue from one moment to the next. If you have the karma to be born there, you just manifest that body [fingers snapping] right there.

The bardo being sees a father and mother dog or cat and it happens the way I described before. This is why at the beginning of every meditation or teaching session, we say that we aspire to become Buddhas for the benefit of others. We are planting an aspiration. The stronger you make it, the more it comes automatically in your mind. There can be the scene around you, your own thought and mood, etc. VTC: When we do prayers and virtuous activities, the deceased do not experience this karma. We ourselves experience the karma we create by doing the prayers and activities.

But it creates a good energy field around the consciousness of the deceased , so that their the deceased own good karma can ripen. When we do prayers and virtuous things, the bardo being knows that these things are going on, they feel delighted and it helps their minds turn towards the Dharma In the most general sense, Dharma refers to the teachings of the Buddha. Most specifically, it refers to the realizations of the path and the resultant cessations of suffering and its causes.

One important thing to mention is that the time of death is an excellent time to practice. Death is a very powerful transition moment with lots of karma ripening.

If your mind is in a good state when you die, you can direct it towards a good rebirth so that in your next life, you have the opportunity to continue to practice. This helps the good karma ripen allowing them to have a good rebirth. They can then continue to practice in the next rebirth. If somebody is practicing Vajrayana , then this is a really incredible time.

In the highest class of tantra , there is a meditation practice you do everyday that is analogous to death, bardo and rebirth.

Books on Death, Dying and the Bardo

In the meditation, you imagine going through all the different dissolution stages of death, going into the clear light, meditating on the clear light, and then re-emerging as a buddha A person who has purified all defilements and developed all good qualities. At the time of dying, you will be able to practice it there and then. If somebody is well-trained, they can have incredible results and achieve very profound realizations at that time. This is why our teachers give us commitments when they give us initiations.

This is the value of taking commitments. Physically, he was hemorrhaging inside and this unbelievable stuff was coming out of him, but he was definitely meditating. Two people were taking care of him and they put him in the same posture as that of the Buddha when the Buddha passed away. Audience: This tantric meditation on the stages of death seems to be something very high practitioners do.

VTC: Because the mind has to be prepared for it. To get the teaching on doing this meditation, it requires an empowerment into the highest class of tantra, which means taking bodhisattva vows and tantric vows. Very often, the teacher, like I said, gives you a daily commitment to do the practice to make sure you do it. What is the commitment? This is a super-burden! You see the benefit. Here, you train your mind well in relative bodhicitta —the altruistic intention to become a Buddha for the benefit of others, and the absolute or ultimate bodhicitta—the wisdom realizing emptiness.

Audience: We see that tantric practice is an advanced practice, yet it seems that it is easily available to the general public. Why is this?

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VTC: This is one question that I have too. Since this person is going to practice long-term, the teacher will lead them gradually, allowing them to progress in this lifetime. A seed has been planted in their mind.